Announcing Oculus Media Studio: The Latest Tool for Immersive Creators

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Posted by Oculus VR
September 25, 2019

Creators around the world are creating incredible immersive content to build communities and share stories. However, we’ve heard from creators that sharing content to experience in a VR headset is quite different than sharing 360 content to view in a social feed. Immersive creators want support for their VR-native content and we’re committed to helping them on their journey to engage their community and tell their stories.

As part of this commitment, we’re announcing a new tool to help creators share their stories with the world: Oculus Media Studio, an immersive media management tool for uploading, publishing, and analyzing VR-first content.

If you’re an immersive creator, this tool includes a range of features for you:

Upload and manage your assets

We’re introducing an all new, easy-to-use dashboard to upload and manage your immersive media library within a single hub. In a few easy steps, your immersive content will be up on the Oculus ecosystem and viewable in VR. You won’t need to go through hoops to publish to VR, or take the time to create a new app for the Oculus Store.

To access Media Studio, submit an application on the Media Studio landing page and link your Oculus Organization. Once an Organization is created and approved, any producer or content manager with admin access to the Organization can manage and publish through Media Studio.

The Media Studio upload flow is designed specifically for VR media. It ensures video quality by automatically reviewing content with ready-for-VR minimum specs.

For VR studios who work collaboratively on media, uploading as “Saved As Draft” will allow only other people in your Oculus Organization to preview and review the content in headset.

“The ingest, preview and publish flow is efficient, and the ability to preview drafts (both content and metadata) on platform before pushing live is a great sanity and quality check.”

-Jonathan Bach, Director of Product, Baobab Studios

Publish your content

Distributing your content with Media Studio allows it to be surfaced in VR through the Explore Feed in Home, where Oculus Go, and soon Oculus Quest, users will be able to discover content ranked based on their interests. Coming later this year immersive content uploaded through Media Studio will be curated and surfaced in the updated Oculus TV.

We recognize that your audience may not always be in headset, so Media Studio generates a unique URL and landing page for distribution of each experience. With the “Save to VR” button on the content landing page, allow your audience to seamlessly transition to viewing your content in their Oculus Go or Oculus Quest.

From the Media Studio dashboard, you can also publish a 2D trailer directly to your Facebook News Feed. When your audience selects the “Save Video” option in News Feed, your immersive content will be saved in their Library Saved Feed for future viewing.

In this way, we’re empowering immersive creators to share VR-first content in VR while providing their audience with methods of discovering content out of headset.

“The publishing flexibility Media Studio gives creators, combined with improved content surfacing, both in headset and on Facebook, should help 360 creators reach more users with much less effort than was previously possible.”

-Jonathan Bach, Director of Product, Baobab Studios

Analyze the Results

In the past, there was nowhere to find insights to your content in its intended format. Now, learn more about your VR audience and how they consume your content with insights about in-headset time spent and in-headset views. Additionally, we’ve surfaced both in-headset views next to Facebook News Feed views to consolidate your metrics in the Media Studio dashboard.

“As a media company, it's central to have analytics on our creations. Having access to the average viewing time is the most insightful: it helps us identify usage pattern and iterate on the way we tell VR stories, what works, what doesn't. In the end, it helps us make better VR experiences that audiences love.”

-Victor Agulhon, CEO, TARGO

This is the first of many improvements we are launching for the immersive creator community. In the future, we plan not only to fine-tune the Media Studio toolkit, but also plan to roll out a new feature for composing VR-first profiles for creators build and enhance a dedicated VR audience.

Join the conversation with other immersive creators on Facebook! You are invited to join the Facebook 360 community here.

Starting today, Oculus Media Studio is accessible through all major web browsers such as Chrome and Firefox on the desktop. Going forward, we will be gathering feedback and iterating on this tool so keep an eye out for future updates, and be sure to check out the Media Studio homepage to get started on