Creative Ways to Get More Eyes on Your App

Oculus Creators Blog
Posted by Caitlin Bigham
November 28, 2018

The VR industry is still in its early days, and distribution can feel like a bit of a black box. What more can you do to get your VR application discovered after launching it in the Oculus Store?

In this series of lightning talks from OC5, you'll hear from Caitlin Bigham, Developer Ecosystem at Oculus, and three Oculus Start members — Peter Howell of Lucifer's Mask, Tess McCrea of Martov, and Lucas Rizzotto of Where Thoughts Go.

Each will discuss the tools and strategies they've deployed—from film festivals to social media marketing to leveraging past experience in the music industry—in order to drive downloads and build and foster a community of users.

Take a look!