Day of the Dead - A VR Ride Experience Created in Quill

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October 25, 2019

Today we hear from VR Artist and animator, Samantha Luck. This summer, Mi Concept + Design, a theme and water park design company where she works as a concept designer, tasked her to design a potential theme park attraction. Samantha was inspired to create a concept for an interactive VR dark ride experience, and she created it in Quill. Follow her step-by-step process on how she created this Quillustration from concept to final VR experience. To read more on how other artists are creating in VR with Quill, visit the Quill User Stories page.

My love for VR inspired me to pitch concept art for an interactive VR dark ride experience, with vibrant colours and a fun atmosphere. I took inspiration from fantastic sets and character designs in "Book of Life," as well as the story and world in "Coco,” and landed on the Mexican culture and the special Day of the Dead holiday for this concept.

Phase 1: Concept and Ideation in Photoshop

I started by creating a 2D illustration and used some photo manipulation to match it with the style of Mi Concept + Design. I was delighted that my 2D illustration evoked the colours and atmosphere I envisioned, but it didn’t convey the full 3D space. I wanted to push this piece further with my newfound skills of world-building in VR with Quill.

Phase 2: Mocking up in Sketchup

Before I jumped into Quill, I wanted to create a grey-box model in Sketchup to set the height and distance of the major assets within the scene, and position them along an accurate grid. Theme park design needs to relate to the proportions of the rider as the audience. I wanted to make sure the room was always relating to the height of a person in both walking through the queue and the ride carriage.

Phase 3: Building the scene in VR with Quill

I spent the most time and had the most fun during this phase. I wanted to push the level of detail in Quill by meticulously adding detail to the graves and offerings (ofrenda) on the graves.

Phase 4: Lighting and Rendering in Blender

Then, I brought the highly detailed static model from Quill into Blender and did all the lighting in Blender.

I remember the day I placed in all the lighting and used Evee for the first time. I had never felt so excited about a piece of work I’ve done in my life! My 3D vision I had imagined in my head had truly come to life!

Phase 5: Animation in Quill

To bring this scene to life, I added animation in Quill.

For my next project am interested in exploring more VR narrative storytelling. Thanks for following along!

- Samantha Luck

To read more on how artists are creating in VR with Quill, visit the Quill User Stories page.