Media Studio

How to Publish a Creator Portfolio

What is a Media Studio creator portfolio?

A creator portfolio is a new discovery surface for Media Studio creators that enables consolidated discovery of all published uploads. In the long run, creator portfolios will be the most impactful bridge between creators and consumers, allowing consumers to consume or queue specific content, follow favorite creators, and leverage other mechanisms that will enable creators to build a presence on the platform.

In the Portfolio Editor, you will be able to create and publish a portfolio and customize your profile image, description, and website link. You will also be able to select a Featured media item, i.e. the large media item displayed at the top of the portfolio webpage.


Example of a Creator Portfolio webpage

Create Your Portfolio:

  1. Log in to Media Studio and click Edit Creator Portfolio in the left nav menu. You can also go to the Media Studio homepage and click Edit portfolio under Quick links.


  1. The Edit Creator Portfolio page will look like this:


  1. Use the dropdown selector to select the creator to publish a portfolio for.
  2. Optional - Upload a portfolio image to represent yourself as a creator.
  3. Optional - Enter a bio description to introduce yourself as a creator.
  4. Optional - Enter a URL to your external website, if you have one.
  5. Optional - Choose a media item to be Featured in your portfolio. You must select a featured media item if you wish to publish your portfolio.


  1. Set your portfolio to Published or leave it Unpublished (you can change this at any time).
  2. Click the Create Your Portfolio button.
  3. Congratulations! You have successfully created a Media Studio creator portfolio. Click View Portfolio to navigate to your portfolio webpage.
  4. The image, bio, and website you provided will be submitted for review. Once approved, they will show up in your portfolio, and you will receive an email notification. You can choose to keep your portfolio Unpublished while your content is pending approval.
    • To ensure that you have email notifications turned on:
      1. Navigate to
      2. Scroll down to the Communications section.
      3. Make sure the Tips and Reminders checkbox is checked.

Edit or Delete Your Portfolio:

You can edit your portfolio at any time in the Edit Creator Portfolio page in Media Studio. Each time you make changes to your picture, bio, or website, they will be submitted for review. Once approved, the changes will appear in your portfolio and you will receive an email notification.

You can also delete your portfolio at any time by hitting the Delete Portfolio button at the bottom of the Edit Creator Portfolio page.

Creating vs Publishing Your Portfolio:

  • When published, your portfolio will be publicly visible to everyone on the web. When unpublished, your portfolio will be visible only to its creator, i.e. you, and, if applicable, the admins and editors of your organization.

To publish your portfolio, you must select a Featured media item. This item must meet the following requirements:

  • must have a Public audience setting (you can choose the audience setting of a media item upon uploading it)
  • must be Published and review-approved

If you don’t yet have an eligible media item, you can still create your portfolio without publishing it. You can view and manage your media items in the Media Studio Library page. For instructions on how to upload a media item, see the following documentation pages: